Shackled chains 

Cursed around

Broken hearts

Lost and found

A rebillion in its wake

Lurking around

A heart full of fire

Burning grounds

Coy little smiles

Glistening fake

Broken chains 

Loosening grips

Stubborn stubbornness

Stamping the ground

Hollow echoes

Rising voice

Staking a claim

Leaving them all astound

I Call Upon Peace

Calling upon peace

To the moments striving

For the hurdle to settle

For the sleep to awaken

For the nightmare to end

For the time to pass by

I see you there

Like a wicked lie

For the eyes 

To not cry 

I call upon peace

For the aching soul and burning heart

For the pain to lessen bit by bit

I call upon peace

For the wounds drenched in salt

To heal,to feel some less

I call upon peace


When you have words fitting in mis-spelt  places

And the world is running round on its edges

When your trying to run in one place

Pushing forward and being pulled back

Gripped legs in tars of chains

White dresses full of stains

Hope full and hope less

Stepping up in the same place

Racing time , slow beats

Staircases leaving behind a trail

Foot up and foot down

Fear has hugged you like heart break

Drowning voices and swaying you

Tired tries and stubborn forces

When words are running 

In mis-spelt places

You believe it was a dream

That kept you from learning 

The right step for the right space

Dead Seal

Drip drop

The blood sings

Hung on walls

Dead seals

Painless they felt

All memories


Said the shouts

Heavier it felt

As it went on and on

“It is okay”

They said

“Its not ”

It whispered

The dead seal

[A/N : (Seal refers to an animal but is used as a metaphor here)]

Before They Find Me

Once upon a hurricane

Dumped behind the walls

Wails and screams 

All frivolous 

Revenge poisoning

Eyes hurting 

Laid there 

All bare

Heard the laughs,

 in my ears

All dangerous

The ruse they played

Trapped in memories

I rush them off 

The time is running

I have to live now

Before they find me