I have heard them

Ringing in my ears

Tiny tears

Begging for help

I have heard the way

She played

Words setting fire

Wires cuving inside

Roots tangling together

Her lies woven into a quilt

Like the truth

I have been given fire

Tasting the burn

Sorrow holding my throat

Squeezing my heart

Her words felt like glass

Broken shards 

Bleeding deep

Who had no light

When your trust fell

All seeds escaped

Blossoming flowers

Shrugged off their petals

Dead trees stood straight

To be cut and diced 

Faith lost its color

Suspicion crumbled into pieces

The fragrance kissed my cheeks

I watched the betrayal 

Dance and sing

When trust fell

Shadows jumped heights

As I watched them:

Who had no light


Your all the wrong in my right

Still I fall

Your the darkest shade of black

Still I love

You made me stupid

You made me yours

Blinded by the feelings

I blush when you call

My heart has stapled your name

Like a prayer it goes on and on

Your all the mess in my delight

Still I fall in love

And rise without you


We are all on our separate journey’s 

Yet worrying about what others think

We are all so different

We all come in different shapes and sizes

And different shades of colour

Yet so similar

We make mistakes,we learn

We laugh and cry

We share something so simple but powerful

We share the ability to feel

We can stand united by our emotions

Feelings that make us human

We all know love and to show care

And its okay if someone else is not fair

We have a voice that can be so loud

Opinions that can’t be shutdown

You can break the body but not the mind

We are all on seperate journey’s 

Battling with wars that rise inside

Sometimes pain is all what we see

And yet we survive every single time