I stamp perfection on my body 

To make it look more perfect

I had great aspirations

Being a girl means 

They start with how I look

My ambition is to be beautiful and without a mind

I have been taught over and over again

To walk with grace and become a leader of a race

Capture the wealthy man of taste

To give up the person I am

Become a sparkling little doll

And sit on a showcase

I have seen the five percent success stories

Of women who had purpose

Then the facts were shoved down my throat

A womens purpose in life should be

 To have a diamond ring clutcing her ring finger, to be married,to be a mother 

And not necessarily in that order 

I have been stamped with definitions

Of perfection and what it means to be a girl

I am not a feminist asking for justice

I am not the victim of corrupt mindsets

I am the victim of my own voice

That has been taught to be afraid 

And claim the human I am inside 


The Anxious Mind

I want to hug myself

And feel the muscle of my brain 

My smile is a weapon

My scars are the evidence 

I have tumbled down a mountain

I carry fire burns in my pocket

I breathe in the anxious noises

I breathe out my strength in my mind

While I have been lost in emotions 

I found the only way I knew to survive

To kiss an angel in words

To break sentences in pauses

I built myself in a dark world

I found the light in my pen

And when I hugged myself 

I felt the muscle of my brain

Soft Grey

Creeping by the shadow of a ghost

I painted the black picture, a soft grey

I saw a hundred faces

Recognised their phrases and phases

I saw them through plastic shades

I watched them burn in the fire 

Melting into a puddle of grey

I decorated them with silence 

I watched their true faces

I kept their picture safe