Layer by layer 

I strip

Never forget 

Red lipsticks

And bloody lips


Here To Stay

Growing up

My body changed

Emotions faded

So did friends

Looking up 

The sun stayed

The moon still listened

No earthquakes

No risk at stake

Safe a heaven

Climbed up my legs

Chained feet 

No walks strained 
Sea shells they lay still

The inner storm

A giant gap

Inner bruises

They kept turning blue

Hollowed sounds 

Beautiful silence

Here to stay


I was weak

Looking for sweets

Looking for love

Begging for attention

Begging for acceptance

Lost my wits

Stolen was my will

Anxious a glee

Broke my life

That became the edge

Where I fell

Legs battered

In an empty well

Climbing out of my shell

The darkness found me

Now you want me

 to depend 

to bend

to listen

I found myself

In an empty bucket

Full of colours

You dont bleed

But Myself

Tired of looking beautiful 

So you can call me spectacular 

Tired of the glaciers

That break in my eyes

Tired of the lonely

That sings like a bird

Tired of the high

That leaves me asking why

Tired of being the animal

Looking for your petting 

Tired of caring about anyone,

“But myself’


I kept pressing rewind

I wanted to bring back time

To feel the pain

To taste the adventure 

To reach the peak

Be a rollercoaster 

To remove the blank

For the glasses to clank

To feel the storm 

To find my heart 

I wanted the time

To be mine

I lived the present

I hated its presence