Old Books

Dusting my old books

With peace and worry

Caressing their frail body

Feeling their turned pages 

Opening their forgotten chapters

Reaching out to the fading colours

Brushing off dust ,too slow

Memorising their every corner

Keeping them chained to the past

Tightening their locks

Silencing their voice 

Singing little phrases 

Of a forgotten life

Im hugging the books to my chest

Finding peace in the memories 

Shunning their existence,

Who tore pages in delight 

With books I find my light 



You owe me,

The sweet words

The beautiful lies

You stole truth ,

From under my eyes

Cunning you were

When you let

Trust break 

You made me wish,

I could push you out

I stay despite betrayal

I stay because I am loyal

I wish I could be more logical

You twisted the truth 

To hide the ugly

And I believed you


The beast of a human,

A lion living in its den,

On the prowl

For its next sin

Drunk on power

Massive a human

A glass of wisdom,

Crawling on four

Trained for the circus

Jumping in glee

Tired a human

Ready for a show