I think over my tongue

When words dont fall

Anxiety runs a waterfall

Their laughs hit

While I’m lost in smoke

Trying to control

a million thoughts

 running a race 

My intelligence is there 

Sitting on a throne

While I’m trying

 to think over my words


The Stars

 the stars

Sure they meant to blink

Sure their sparkle was stolen

Sure they looked bright and dead inside

Sure they didn’t matter to the moon

They created themselves

When the sun was exhausted

They shined brighter 

When they were lonely

Independence came easier to them

They had their own space in the galaxy

While the moon lived, eating the sun



Your Staring in the dark

Peering like the hawk

You hear the sounds

Are you bound

The drums are drumming loud

Are you screaming with the crowd

Hounds of hell

Shout loud

Nasty judgements turn around

  Are you burning up the fire

Yes you were born to astound 

Stapled Pins

The trains crash

 The doors smack

the walls rise

The stairs walk down

I see your memory 

Stapled pins

I miss the moments

 I miss the memory

The last hug

The million goodbyes

I kept facing the wall

Hanging like a frame

I still see the picture

I still feel 

like a crumbled paper

I still staple metal pins