You know some wooden sticks

They are not meant to be together

They cackle together

But their fire isn’t meant to be alight

Their picture isn’t meant to be

Their hearts they are trapped in time

Their broken smiles are kissed with pain

You know some wooden sticks

They all carry fire burns

They all carry remains of a flame

That wasn’t meant to survive



Skirting through the town

Boudaries held tight

Rising voices

That are bound

Echoes colouring

The surrounding

The escape moving 

The prison tightening 

Skirting through the town

Some voices that are frightening 


I rubbed words

By the cover of my sleeves

They shook together

And fell like autumn leaves

Their paleness spoke first

For the green they lost

Their browns touched first

The house they burnt

Their smiles so sad

Bittersweet were they

Their death gave life 

To new leaves

That were born together

I rubbed words

By the cover of seconds

To the years we loose

To give birth to

What we know as time


A barricade that sizzles in itself

Words that stumble over themselves

Warmth that is so cold

Hands climb together

The fire slips away

Thorn-like each prick,kills itself

Walls they stand still

The cover it falls away

The bars stay aligned

The prison is here to stay



[Sometimes whats stopping you ,is your own illusion of barriers, that in reality are not around you]

Life is,but an Adventure

Life is but an adventure

Kohl lined eyes

And spilled mascara 

With new shades everyday,

Capturing unique colours

A rainbow filled rollercoaster

Whats a toasted bread without butter

Whats worry without a mind

Sweet little stutters

Tripping down the staircase

Falling over my feet

Whats pain without a heart

Whats night without a sun

Whats life ,without an adventure

[Life is, but an adventure]


(Every tiny moment that you breathe through, is an adventure to find yourself.)

Glass Knives

Clanking knives
Cling together 

Silent, a noise

Wails for long

Smirking an ice

Butters on

Cold hands 

They want warmth

Loud,a whisper

Echoes for long 

Sharp, a knife 

Slices words

Smiling glasses

They break now

Clanking broken pieces

Cling together

All my broken parts

They smile now