Time Is Up

When your body is gaining weight

And your looking for your best trait

You fall before you think straight

Love had to come from outside

Inside it was all malice and disastor

When you had to hear cruel words

 because you didnt know any better

You had to look from the outside mirror

Trying to find peace ,in everyday colour

Then you had to surface one day 

Shaking your head ,to watch your hair fall

To know that your time is up

You had to go through the horrors

Your letters have always been misspelt

Love wasnt just a caress or a kiss

It had to be a strong believe

That protected you like an armour

When your bald head sparkled in daylight

You told them you learned

You told them you struggled

And when you fell

You fell so hard 

In love with yourself , all mesmerised 

(love yourself so that you can defeat whatever life throws at you… Dont wait till your time is up or for something horrible to happen,grow in love with you everyday ,everything you own,imperfections and all,makes you beautiful, )



Contact me at : thinkpoetic@hotmail.com

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