Illusion {Fear VS Courage}

Stay away stranger
Don’t ring danger bells
Do you not know how alarming fears get
Tear me up when they say:
Come to actuality, the dreams you’re in love with are delusory
Come out of insanity
Come take this ride with us to the dark cave of security
Come blanket the insecurities
Come hide behind reality,
Come with us because your will is of fantasy
You’re candid wild heart, then commands with ferocity
Stop and time will heal all wounds of brutality
Stop and be marked by all awards of bravery
Stop and realize your hope is still breathing
Stop and mend all the broken pieces of broken dreams
Stop because the pain is temporary
Stop and listen because you have the choice to choose your destiny

(I tried to describe how two emotions are at a constant war,when we think about going for our aspirations and dreams.
hope you all like it 😅)


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