Over You!

You’re not the one,

Who could make me smile

You’re not the one who could make my heart beat crazily,

Make me live a little more heartily,

You’re just some infatuation I can’t get over easily,

Tired of these complications, I want to erase you effortlessly,

From the essence of me,

You’re not the one,

At least not the way I thought you to be honestly,

I’m tired and I can’t drop myself further into this mess,

I’m out of craziness,

Dreaming over this silliness thoughtlessly,

I want to remove you from my life erratically,

Because u don’t deserve,

Any part of me

You’re just like something I regret ever feeling about,

I’m thinking now and so that I may never overthink or regret this,

You need to get this,

I’m kicking, every atom of yours, stuck in my mind like glue,

I want to get over this love/like flu,

So listen you!

I’m over you.


Contact me at : thinkpoetic@hotmail.com

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