It was idiotic of me to put my trust in a person

Who doesnt deserve a silver of my emotion

To statue their face,unmoving

To hear the wind hustle

To listen to frail wails

To feel the highs of Panic

To shatter down to the ground

It was  human of me to trust 

And to be Punished for idiocy ,everytime



Lay by my side

Forget your mine

Raise your hand

  towards the sky

Creep by the birds that fly

Leaving feathers in their dust

Thorns that ache

Roses all fake 

Playing a stake

Smiles to take

Heart beats shake 

I watch you stuck 

On the wall

Lay by my side

All shadowlike

And forget your mine


The light falls towards me

It hugs me close

It shows me the shadow below

It flashes people 

Known then unknown 

I feel my shield tightening

I feel my trust drowning

I watch my hopes shaking

I watch the feathers flapping

I watch you join the ones in the sky


Fell by the staircase

Twisted in legs

Hopes and dreams 

All wretched

All Pieces falling 

Step by step

Open the door

Crack a window

Nothing can open

What is now closed

Locked to its core

The world that is lost 

Looking for the truth

Creeping by the ceiling

I see it moving 

Like the flicker of light

It consumes itself

The fire ignites everything 

I watch the ground move

I see the crack ,on the glass ceiling

I see it break down

And build up

I see myself grow up


The stillness of the dark

Light up like fireworks 

Running in circles

Falling down the sky

I catch my breath

The sun whines

As the night rises

I watch the air shine

I watch the clouds fill

I see the whites fall

I watch the rainfall

Drenched in water 

I feel the shiver of the wind

I feel the caress of light