Crystal like transparent shades

Salt like on paper cuts

Sit back and raise

Your clumsy standards 

You see the mirror

Or the mirror sees you

Throw away your nasty pride

Wear your transparent shades

You are what the crystal likes


Half A Story

Your eyes were the petals

That blossomed with laughter

Mischevious smile

Struck me like the wind

Whistles ran 

The Music danced

Broken a library

Full of half stories

I put yours there

Where secrets squeaked

I left you there 

Where memories squealed 

I left you there ,incomplete

I fixed my heart 

before it felt

What you never should

System of no empathy

I had it built inside me

A system of no empathy

I had it built inside me

A home of no pain

I had it built

Pebble by pebble

I watched the stone fall

I watched the crackling crack

Circles that ran

Full of sand

Strand by strand

I watched the thread tear

I collected the pieces 

And hung them on the wall

I had the home built inside me

I watched love as it entered

I watched it fight for hope

I watched it loose it all


I wanted you to realise

 How you ate up

Little hopeful hearts 

And expecting smiles

How you broke pieces

With your ignorant knife

I want you to see

Those pieces who look at you

With hope

I want you to try

Slicing them again

I am the darkness

That was once invisible to you

But now lives inside you

Waiting to burn you

The way you lit her