You like to blow dust

You think I must

Picking on rust

About to burst 

Harsh breaths and lovely words  

Forged to their core

I must forget 

You like to blow dust 



Sometimes you want to scream

Till your throat goes sore

To speak

Till your words go slow

To feel

 Till your heart breaks

To wail and wail

Till your eyes are empty

To swim in a pitless ocean

Till no one knows your name

Sometimes you want to become ashes

Till you ignite the flame again


You love to point fingers

Let your faults belong to others

You like to blame 

You like to make claims

When I do not play your games

You gloat like a flame

Kicking me out of your frame

You try to show your power game

You forget ,that I watched 

When the whistles of your evil

Touched my fingers first

When your truth helped me escape


I went looking for danger

I showed off my fire

I read pages full of wonder 

I met dreams all curious

I danced to the tunes of a book

Hanging by the hook

I watched shows that shook

Laughing the danger sat by me

And I burnt through it