Losing breaths 

Covered mouth

Suffocating air

Piercing rods

Molten snow

Freezing hands

Tightening hold

Messy words

Running hope

Loosening breaths

Hardening fear

Silencing beats

Broken rhythm

Playing the music

Of the wounded


Gutless fear 

Drummed inside

Soltitude humming

Attitude cunning

Tearless gazes

Widened eyes

Hiphoping mazes

Looking bright

Fearless ,a nightmare

A Torture  to live

To stay or run

Or look for the light

Tightened strings

Losening grips

Gutless a fear

Running streams

Cross me off

Cross me off

Like u dont see me

Write my name

Like im no reality

You will find me


Where you didnt see me

I will shout my name 

If you dont hear me

I will curse a river

Till you swim back to me

Then show you

Where the sky 

Dropped me

In everything i had

I remembered your voice

Calling me stupid

Calling me names

I will show you my weakness

Didnt overshadow me

I will show you my voice

Dressed in diamonds 

I will show you 

What you lacked

Courage to be different

To be someone

You will never get to be